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Portfolio Decisions is a consulting and software firm focused on helping clients strengthen their strategic planning in order to increase value, balance performance, and meet goals.

Perspectives™ Software

The Perspectives™ modeling environment combines advanced optimization techniques, uncertainty analysis at the portfolio level, and flexible customization for operational and financial analysis.

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Home_tab1Perspectives™ has modeled thousands of strategic decisions

If you explore our track record, you’ll see that our analytic software platform, Perspectives, has supported thousands of different strategic decisions, each relative to a unique situation. See Solutions or Industry to see some examples, or give us a call to discuss your particular situation.

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Home_tab3Analysis that took weeks or months can be done in hours or days

Historically companies gather data, build their model and start gaining value from analysis in 6 to 9 months. Working with our consulting group, the entire process can be reduced to 3 months. Our software works with many types of solution areas and can be combined with our consulting as well.

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Home_tab2Models are based on data specific to your company

If data formats are complex and varied, or in need of pre-processing, you can use our Foundations™ data integration program for gathering and normalizing data from multiple sources.

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